As the dust settles

by The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

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released April 21, 2012

Beastie - Bass, Vocals
CF - Guitars, Vocals
Robin - Drums, Synths

Cover art by Werner Burger
Song/character photos by Bernard Brand

Mixed and engineered by Paul Gioia.
Recorded at Asylum Studios, Pretoria.

Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at The Vilhelm Room, Stockholm, Sweden.



all rights reserved


The Ocean Doesn't Want Me Gauteng, South Africa

transformation in our restlessness

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Track Name: Roots point the way
Someday soon,
you'll realise that you're the one that saves me,.
Point the way home.

I'm dying for redemption,
I'm crying out for attention.

Earth swallow me, swallow me and let the devil taste my wrath.
Track Name: Van Eyck
Just judges, up on the wall,

attest me, leave out no one.

Hole has been dug,

do your best to fill it up.

And my eyes have slept for a thousand years,

praying for rest in spades,
and nothing to worry about.

I know the way out.

Here I sit with head in hand,

glass half-full and draining

waiting on a judgement,

that never fails to side with you,

your absence as a present.

Oh lamb, oh lamb, shut up and help me dig,

dig that hole.

Track Name: Dune movement
They praise your name - the simple sheep.
Chorus upraised.

We raised a glass,
it is see-through,

and crystal clear,
and so sincere.

Come closer, composure, come closure.

The greatest star,

still shining strong,

on the horizon,

leading me on.

Still bound to earth.

I am desert sand, drenched in barren wind,

but you can't see, and you can't say.

You left me here, for dead.

Nothing is resolved - nothing ever will be:

the hourglass is clogged, by every grain at once.

You've left, I'm left - moving on.

Track Name: This castle stands alone
Oh in the days to come

when marching in the shadows of dunes

to avoid the morning sun

it's frigid in the womb.

Half the house in ruin and half of the castle stands,

the tower crumbled and fell, and with it the flag,

a half-mast salute.

The footsteps that I followed end here at a spire and seemingly disappears.
The pylons at dawn were nothing but mirages, leading me to nothing.

When the bell rings and when that time comes, they'll say their goodbyes,

but you're already gone.

Wind in my sails broke down the mast.

Adrift on a raft as we watch the land move on.

Waiting, always in wait.

Lead me to deserts and leave me a stray.

Leave me with memories that won't fade away.
Question the sciences and questions of faith.

Don't bother me, don't follow me.

Never, never, never to begin another castle with you,
to witness another tower tumble, tumble, down, down, down.

Track Name: Property line
I must remind myself to rent isn’t mine.

This room is rented for one,

but today it seems like less than that.

It chews and spits, and it swallows at my bosom love.

They need me not to make a scene.

"They need me", can’t quite tell why I need this to be true.

They need me.

Do you remember hiding away?
I’m still there.

I mourn in silence.

Track Name: Millais
Dearly beloved,
We're gathered here today
to march on by, to kick the dirt in.

Preach, pray, lock up,
Thank the hands for the grave.
The unwavering smile,
rest your head for the day.

Do your best to fill the hole.

Track Name: Until our mouths are filled with earth
We won’t stop until our mouths are filled with earth.
We won’t stop until our mouths are filled with earth.

I know the way out,
the way to rest as equal men,
the footsteps that I follow,
will show you the line,
and they praised your name - Earth,
so Earth come and swallow me,

you're the way home.